lookin to get a tube amp, so i wanna sell my mg...$130, plus you pay shipping (maybe $25-$40, whatever it comes to)
it works decent, not banged up, the reverb sounds a bit 'springy' if you turn it past 4, but otherwise its in fair shape.
50W, (2) 8-inch speakers, reverb, stereo chorus w/ speed&depth controls, 2 gain controls, plus treble, contour, and bass, plus cd input for jammin with your cd player.
headphone jack and 2 lines out for hooking up to a cab.

any takers? offers?

i wanna get a Peavey ValveKing 212, so i need to sell this one to get the $500 together for it...
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good luck gettin rid of it....

i know, i know...
i want that VK212, tho, so i gotta try...
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you jinxed yourself when you bought it.

Signatures are overrated.
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you jinxed you're self when you bought it.

go 'head, rub salt in the wound.....

ok, im tryin to sell this thing...anyone need a practice amp? backstage warm-up?
its on ebay, ending tonite, if anyone wants to take a gander...actually got some bids, too, so looks like i'll be gettin rid of it anyway...

thanks anyway, guys/gals...