My firefox randomly has stopped opening i.e. you click it and it is there on processes taking up about 90cpu but nothing shows on screen.

Also winamp has randomly died and says it has encountered an error and shuts down.

This is pissing me off.

Spybot cant find anything so am a bit stuck really.

Using netscape at the mo but its rubbish compared to firefox.

Sometimes I feel like Axing my Axe.
My Firefox does the same, I'm now stuck using Internet Explorer
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End task for firefox on task manager and then try opening it.

Tried that multiple times. Same with winamp. I think it is some sort of virus but firefox firewalls and script blocker should have prevented most of those.
Sometimes I feel like Axing my Axe.
uninstall then re-install? have you got latest version of firefox? (
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