any reccomendations on a new mic.....
needs to be as versatile as possible for recording with protools m-powered and a fast track ulta.
i want something that wont break the bank that i could use for multiple purposes ie :

all help appreciated!
lefty fender tele standard ,
lefty tanglewood electro-acoustic
usa gibson flying v (flipped for lefty)
castrol oil can single coil electric
vox ad50vt
dunlop crybaby wah
mxr blue box

go on ireland!
audio technica have some quality stuff that'll probably be less expensive than shure
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but yeah its fine
Lastin laid out the standard for you. I've found the Behringer XM8500 to be an excellent mic on the cheap. ($20each) Are you recording multiple instruments at the same time or one at time? If one at a time go for the sm57