hi as you probly guessed im new to all this! ive just re strung my guitar made by vintage. its the one with the red (i think maple) effect and had gold accseories on it.

now the problem i think i have is that my tremolow or wammie thing is to high (or that it seems over streched). now that i hink my strings are streched enough to hold the tunning shall i take the tension off the strings to relax the tremolow?? and if i did this will it still be able to be tuned without the tenssion on the tremolow???

any help or advise welcome!

cheers stew
it's tremolo and whammy bar
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Open the back of the guitar and tighten the screws that hold the springs in place
No, open the back of the guitar and tighten the springs. This will make all the strings go VERY sharp, so be sure to maybe tune them one step flat before you do this. This is why it's not suggested to have a tremolo bar on your first guitar, but we'll still help you though it .

Just try and do that, then come back if something else doesn't look right. Hope I helped.
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That actually doesn't seem like a terrible guitar, it will serve you very well to learn on/with. Eventually you'll want something else, but that's just a sign you love guitar . Tremolo bars can be a pain, you might also eventually want to take your guitar to a shop to get it professionally set up, believe me, it's worth what you pay. The difference between a guitar set up at home and a professional set up is astounding, unless you're really good at setting up guitars.