I'm puttin mine towards a new Vox AC30

how bout you guys?

EDIT: Some people have already mentioned this, but I figured I'd put it in the first post as well.

The "Economic Stimulus Package" is a $600 check the U.S. Government is sending to all citizens who earned over $3,000 last year (or something like that) because they believe it will help boost the economy...it won't because "voodoo economics" or "Reaganomics" simply don't work on a large scale...but I would still like the money.
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Even though I quit doing it, it still turns me on when I see money.

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Saving it for next year when we'll all owe it back to the Government.

You didn't think you where really getting something for nothing, did you?
What is that?

EDIT: Oh, that. What a retarded idea.... I cant wait until 2009.
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Investing in the economy of America's competitors.
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my wat?

Since the economy is so ****ty in america the government is giving pretty much everyone free money.
If I were in control of my $300 I got from the government, I'd be buying housing market stocks.
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For those of you out of the know, the US government has decided it can bribe its citizens into compliance and docility. Its working stunningly.
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My package is stimulus alright...

Curse you, you stole my quip!

I'm gonna by some pedals and such.
Well, I'm not getting one, but my mom is going to finish paying off my van with what she gets and then she's going to save the rest.


We don't have have the money to just spend it all on useless stuff.
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If I were American, I would use it to get the hell out of America.

Thankfully, I'm not.
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If I were American, I would use it to get the hell out of America.

Thankfully, I'm not.

How on earth would that solve anything?
The wheelbarrow industry is gonna go through the roof, to carry all that money you'll need to buy bread.
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i think they shouldve sent them out on like cards (credit cards almost), that were easily identifiable so that the banks could make sure nobody deposited them and that gas companies made sure they weren't used. because if anybody spends the money on gas or puts it in the bank we're all screwed and it's going to end up being worse.

so the point of is to be like the threadstarter, buy something you want. like an amp. or a couch.
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They're just trying to boost demand in the economy seeing as there's the impending doom of a recession.
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If I were American, I would use it to get the hell out of America.

Thankfully, I'm not.

You didn't use the $400 we received a little while ago to get out of Alberta?

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if you actually want to boost the economy, you need to use it to pay off debts, which in turn frees up more of your own money to spend, which is what will boost the economy. but if you buy yourself that new tv or whatever your just boosting chinas economy

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