I am basing my experience off of my Spider II 30w and am going to say no. The clean tones I actually kind of liked and some ofthe effects were okay, but after a while, the "insane" tone getsw on my nerves because it sounds too digital.
in a word: no.
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Don't waste your money on a 150 watt Spider. The Line 6 Flextone series is way better and can be miked if necessary.
Not much point asking for an opinion on a spider around here, everybody seems to hate them. Personally I like mine, but it's what you like not what I like so stuff what people say and go try one. If you like it then get it, if you don't then get something else.

My spider 2 has held up fine at gigs.
you probably play a lot of pop rock like Paramore or maybe some deathcore maybe?
thats why it sounded good to you.

150w is more than plenty to gig with, for any SS amp. you're not going to go up to 10 on that thing.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
Bad: Yes
Good tone at 10: Nope
Gigs: Nope

Get something with tubes in it...
Unless you get like a jazz chorus or a vetta/flextone or something.
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get the cheaper model or a decent tube amp. NEVER GIG WITH A SPIDER III!!!!!! ONLY FOR PRACTICE!
just no, dont go digital.

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How is it?

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Good tone at 10?

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Good for gigs?


That's it in short. But of course you would know all this if you had used the search function
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i have the halfstack.

i'm not really blown away by the tone, but i don't hate it. i'm goin tube soon, and if possible, i'd suggest you do the same. It's giggable, and decent, but again, don't expect to sound to great.

it's nice cuz its basically set up to do a decent job at anything you want, it can do a passable clean (imho), it's pretty good with hi gain, and some crunchy stuff in between, the fx are again, passable, and it has a noise gate.

idk, just play it and decide for yourself.
Just so you know I tried the search bar and nothing useful came up.

And name some that are close to $565
They are great amps for practicing, but that's about it. They were pretty much made as practice amps.