Ok, i know, no picture is going to make things very difficult to identify, but I don't really want to know what the guitar is, I want to know what it's not. I went into a pawn shop and saw a Fender strat with 70's style big headstock. It says it's a Contour Body, but there is no serial number as far as I can tell (the pat. num matches up with 68-69) and the tuners don't have that "F" on them like all the other Fender strats I've seen. It is a maple fretboard with no skunk stripe, and it looks heavily played. They let me crack the neck off, and there was still no serial number, but everything was stamped by "92". Is this a squire? I'm pretty sure its not a Fender, but the logo doesn't look fake or like the previous one was sanded off. The neck was also redrilled, which I saw as a red flag. Maybe I can grab a pic...
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if it doesnt say fender on it or squire on it then its neither. the neck was replaced or it wouldnt be redrilled. i have a squire and it says "squire in big letters and fender in little letters. the only other squires differetn from this are from japan (pretty rare) that say fender in bigger letters than squire. if there is no serial number then its not a squire. the body may be although. seems kinda gay i wouldnt buy it.
the neck is a 5 bolt neck, with what appears to be a bolt or a screw in the neck hole. THe strange thing about the guitar is that the body and neck are both stamped with "92", but the neck does appear to be aftermarket. Is there any chance this is a Warmoth or Mighty Mite guitar? Again, the neck has a real 70's style strat headstock, but no skunk stripe. If it is a decal, then I doubt its a squire since its not serial numbered as such and there is no sign of sanding.
im actually holding my beloved squire right now. its a 4 boldt neck, no skunk stripe. i cant really give you any more info without a picture other than its not a squire
and they have a 60 style head its a bit bigger than the 70s style witch the fender strats have