DAMN! Another one. Well, I made the intros/verse/rhythym guitar part of the pre-chorus and was stuck for almost like 8 months. I finally finished it off and I love it!!! C4C

Edit: woops, its missing a lot of bass...Ill do that later.
Song 11.zip
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Forget what travlembo said, I thought that was pretty kick ass. It might have been a little repetitive, but it still had an epic feel to it. \m/

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Dude, forget what they say about this being repetitive, 'cause it's not. Taking into consideration the length of this piece, no way in hell could this be considered as repetitive. Truth be told, it was actually pretty kick ass, and the leads definitely saved it from falling down to repetitiveness. Now, if he were to repeat it one more time, that would be a different story....

Okay, now I'm critting as I'm listening for the second time.

Intro was pretty sweet, it really set up the mood and atmosphere for the song. Transition to Intro B was nice, loved your use of orchestra hits there. Those thing could ruin or improve a music greatly, and you used it well enough for it to sound great.

Verse was cool, nothing wrong with it. Nice to see a little guitar works going on there. Pre-chorus was also nice, really fitting. BUT, why the **** did you stop the strings at the chorus? That really killed off the mood, you know. The rhythm guitar was also barely audible, and even when there are noise, it's only random distortion sounds.

Post-chorus was... I dunno.... It's kinda meh, probably without the strings and whatnot. It really has potential to be really epic, but right now it just dropped the mood. I suggest utilizing synth there, 'cause there are enough guitar works already, and a little variation in instruments wouldn't hurt . Right usage of synth could make this piece so much better.

Outro was cool, though I don't quite agree with it. If it was up to me, I would put some outro solo there.

Oh yeah, and that's what you are lacking; a solo. It doesn't necessarily be a solo if you don't want one, it could just be an interlude. Nothing flashy but something meaningful, giving the listeners something to remember, because usually the three most important parts of a song/movie/books/whatever are the beginning, middle, and end. You already nailed two of those. Put an epic interlude and your piece will perfect and memorable.

Overall, it was a great piece. I'm sure many people will love it, as do I, but I probably wouldn't listen to it multiple times a day . But it was a pretty kick ass song. 8.5/10

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this song is damn good =]

the intro is the best, i love it

i think you couldve used the strings a bit more, but thats prob just me

8/10 =]

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Very nice man... but, i changed the tempo from 80 to 110 at Intro B and it kicks much more ass imo really nice and epic though.