a bit of warm soapy water? why is it there in the first place?
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Quote by bean-o
a bit of warm soapy water? why is it there in the first place?

I wrote something down on paper before playing and didn't realize there was ink on my fingers.

Your only way...

is it regular pen ink? or like...permanant marker ink?
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
It's not on the fretboard. It's the back of the neck. And it's regular pen ink. I already tried to get it off with a bit of water and soap but it didn't help. It looks faded but it's still there. Very annoying, you can understand.

I'll take some pics later on.
Sand it off with a 1500 grit .
While you're at it sand off all of the laquer on the neck.

You'll thank me
Umm...try to put some dry erase marker on it, and then wipe it off...works for Sharpies...why not regular ink?
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Here are the pics.

Click for full size.

Look to the area under the first and third white dot on the side of the fretboard. Remember that the ink marks are more prominent in real life. Photos don't do it justice.
just rub it over and over and over until it starts spurting blood.

or just use some steel wool

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^^ +1 that's your best bet

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Rubbing doesn't help it. It looks as if it's "in" the wood. I just hope it goes away in the upcoming weeks after heavy use.