hey just putting down a review of all the pedals i have just to discuss if you guys agree or not
alright here we go
pros: very nice grungy crunch distortion, especially for nirvana like things
cons: buzzes more than a bee trap and is just plain low quality all around
horrible bypass sucking
pros: very simple somewhat cheap for how many options it has delay
so much to fool around with, all 3 delay modes are very useful, the hold mode is cool but very useless lol, but still fun though, long delays, a nice reverb, and a useful slapback are all here for a pretty decent price
cons: again bad bypass, it distorts very easily, the delay matched with distortion tends to lack quality, mushes up easily when put after distortion
Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby wah, (dunlop original crybaby, $70 cheapo one)
pros: very basic, simple, and outstanding wah. I know many hate this thing but personally it does everything i want it too for a cheap price
cons: the sweep range is pretty lacking and the bypass is pretty bad, not as bad as bosses but up their, but personally theirs no need to update because every wah is unbalanced in terms of what stuff it handles
morleys are better for the distorted thing, crybabys are more 50/50 although it's a little better on the cleaner side
pros: basic simple to use phase 90, that provides great phasing tones for floyd and eddie van halen stuff alike
cons: distorts a little with rough playing and doesn't handle od/distortion the best
pros: great all around od, the modes are pretty useless though, the ts-9 mode is just amazing, it can make just a normal clean sound come to life without making it crunchy yet, or it can boost you're already od/distortion to better lengths, tightens everything up, it makes my boss ds-1 sound a lot better believe it or not
cons: buffered bypass (not that bad though), the modes are pretty useless like i said
but i found mine for 75 used and couldn't find a better deal for a normal ts-9
pros: provides good metallica, megadeth, slayer like metal tones with a lot of control for precise playing
cons: buzzes immensely, combines with delay not too well, but i'm not sure if its the muff or if its the delay lol. its really just pretty mediocre, definitely better than the boss mt-2 i used to own

alright thats my board
pros: its just okay, a lot options but the eq, depth stayed the same and didn't do much, the rate was the only real one to change
cons: not many cons either really, bad bypass again, but really its just okay nothing special, if you use chorus a tiny bit than this might suit you, but i use it a ton, so i got a small clone instead (still coming in the mail) which will suit me a lot better
pros: provides you're metallica megadeth, slayer metal distortions, a lot of options i guess lol
cons: eq is pretty unresponsive, sounds like a swarm of bees, (in a bad way) and of course bosses standard **** bypass
pros: a lot of different settings, and tons of options for each
cons: just wasn't a high quality sound, not to mention that the difference between the 4-12 step phasing barely made a difference, and the other modes just sounded purely digital
pros: provides acoustic sound with a lot of options
cons: the worst pedal i've ever owned
purely awful, the modes change almost nothing, the thing doesn't sound realistic at all and too top it off you're about 1/3 the way to an pretty good acoustic with this thing
total junk don't buy it (OH AND ALMOST FORGOT, horrible boss bypass lol)

ah there you go
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

whats the point in this? you posted the exact same thing in another thread...
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So did you not realise that maybe they had bad bypass after you bought the first 3 boss pedals?
lol nope i was a boss fanboy for a while obviously
and pretty much now i've redone my pedalboard to my liking
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

How can something be 50/50, yet better on the clean side?
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i see what you mean by that a little contradictory
well it's better for clean stuff
but can pull away distorted and overdriven sounds just fine
not that good but good enough for me
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

Hell ill do a really quick one to add to yours...


Best eq pedal on the market as far as im concerned it has lots of features like volume, gain and 10 different freq sliders. Does its job well and its built like a tank.
Cons- gets a tad hissy when sliders are cranked

Bad Monkey
The best sounding OD pedal you can get for $27 bucks new was on sale. Makes things tight and fat... Beat out my TS9 for what im using it for.. Secret is gain 0 level 10..
Con's reliablity might be an issue

Isp Decimator
Best Noise suppression pedal on the market bar none... Kills everything and doesnt suck tone.
Con's none

Protone Body Rot
Heavyest distortion pedal i have ever played. True bypass, boutique and made well. Modern tone..
Con's none but is pricey

Protone T.V. Delay
Really nice delay with a analog tone. Boutique and well made as well..
Con's price and features

Pedals of the past

It was metal i give it that... Everyone gets one of these at one time or another, i've actually owned two.. lol
Con's really hissy and harsh as hell

Metal Muff
Really nice distortion pedal with alot of features and built well.
Con's a little too buzzy for me and top boost is nasty if you crank it to far.

Line 6 Uber Metal
Really liked this pedal had a good tone to it and lots of options. Also its pretty much pantera in a box. Put it on pulverize and you get the dime bag tone and harmonics out the ying yang..
Con's none great petal

Boss DS1
Owned two of these because i had one sold it and then bought another to mod. But never got around to it. Anyway its a good beginner pedal and can pretty much nail the kill em all tone and seek and destroy.
Con's needs more features and to buzzy and not full at all

Zoom GFX1
Nice cheap multi effects unit, could get a good dimebag sound out of it but thats about it.
Con's slow switching and not many good options

Zoom G2
Great multi effects unit for the price, fast switching and great sounds.
Con's still to digitial and multieffects get old after a while

Fab Metal
Sucks for 5 bucks more i was able to get a DS1
Con's everything and almost blew up my amp

Line 6 Verbzilla
Superb delay pedal, lots of features and lots of options with a really good tone to it.
Con's none but really who needs that many types of reverb lol

Hellbabe Wah
Con's sucks didnt have a good tone to it and just sucked all around

Ibanez TS9 and Modified Version
Great pedal and was superb for blues tone. Also really good at tightening up tube amps
Con's None, was just lacking in the level and options department

MXR Distortion + and Modified Version
Was a nice overdrive.
Con's distotion was pretty bad on these reminded me of a DS1

Behringer TM300
Cheap, could almost get a metallica tone out of it
Con's sucked and was cheap stopped working

BBE 882I
Worked great and did what it was supposed to do..
Con's turns your tube amp digital slightly

T.C. Electronics M300
Had nice features
Con's volume knob stopped working and not enough features and was a pain to work.

Digitech Grunge
Well it did grunge pretty good lol. Hits nirvana pretty nice
Con's Two of them broke on me

Digitech Death metal
Dont know it broke when i got it..

Crybaby Wah
Great wah but...
Con's Needs the Classic Faisal mod

And thats about it, i've tested alot more pedals but didnt think that would classify.
yeah nice review their ibanezpsycho thanks
pretty much agree on the ones that i know off
nice gear to holy crap
nice guitar dude
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

Might as well make this an ongoing activity...

Dunlop Original Crybaby (1980s)
Good sweep, nice tone.
Quickly wore out, now barely changes tone at all.

Zoom G2.1u
Great range of effects, good tuner.
Overdrives sound too digital.

Ibanez TS-9
Nice overdrive, pushes an amp well.
Sounds a bit nasal compared to the TS808 etc, but I like that.

Boss DD-6
Good atmospheric sound, stereo output.
Can't adjust time by the milisecond.

Aria AFL-1
Nice flanger, adds an extra dimension to a clean sound.
A bit tinny (cheap).

EHX Metal Muff
Great metal overdrive, lots of gain on offer.
Very loud except on very low settings (but then, it's supposed to be).
Mine's EASY... only two pedals :P

Boss BD-2 (4.5/5)
Pros: AMAZING sound, especially on high gain. Doesn't buzz too much and the tone setting can be used to make great high-treble blues tones
Cons: Can get a bit TOO trebley at times... Mabye its just my model but sometimes i get serious feedback with more then two cords. Other then that, nothing

DOD Ice box Chorus (3/5)
Pros: Can do some nifty chorus sounds, the size of the speed variable is great. Doesn't buzz at all, and has a stereo output
Cons: You have to have it cranked up on full to even notice a difference
I'll guess I'll conform to this notion...

Digitech Bad Monkey
Pros--great price, sounds great in front of overdriven tube amps, doesn't color tone much
Cons--mixer output is useless, sounds less than par on clean channel, lacks mid control

Boss DS-2
Pros--good beginner distortion
Cons--higher priced DS-1, fizzy, digital, a bad boost for tube amps

Digitech RP80
Pros--good beginner Multi-FX, decent recording capablities, tons of effects
Cons--digital, slow switching, bad bypass

Dunlop Classic Crybaby w/ Fasel GCB-95F
Pros--sturdy, suits most genres
Cons--a bit trebley, a less-than-wide sweep, mediocre bypass

Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ
Pros--great price for 7-band EQ, pretty much transparent
Cons--digital output, plastic (not much of an issue), adds very little bit of process-sound
lol @ the whining about Boss bypass. The buffers in most Boss pedals are quite good. If you run a lot of them, you might see some slight signal loss, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
^^yeah dude i loved the kh 2 something something of the esp hammett things at my music shop
my guess is the 503 is better?
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.