Got two new guitars the other day......Ones a brand new Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72 and the other is a 2nd hand Epiphone SG G400 Custom with a roller bridge fitted..

Whats annoyin is after changing strings to ernie balls 9s and a few quick screws on the bridge on both the epiphine has a really noice feel and action with no fret buzz but i cant seem to get a good action with the fender without fret buzz.(this method is by using allen key at each string saddle) Can anyone help me out? This is my first time dealing with electric guitars (mainly and acoustic player) The tele sounds freakin amazing tho!



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Nice choice of guitars! How much did both guitars set you back? Regarding your Fender and fretbuzz, was the change in string gauge huge or ?
Very nice!
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lower the bridge?
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i'm not too good at that kinda stuff. i'd take it to a dealer and see if they can set it up for u. cos' tele necks are angled slightly thats why the action get higher as u get closer to body. it can be a real bitch to set the action.

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if u lower the bridge it will give u even more buzzing :P
do the opposite

btw at the 12th fret the height of the strings should be 2 milimeters
No i changed them from stock 9s to ernie ball 9s....The fret buzz came from me goofing around with the allen key in the holes on the last pic..How do i lower the bridge?...

The Tele set me back 600 euro online..Great value around these parts trust me! in the local shop a Standard Tele/strat cost 625 euro!

The Epiphone i saw an add and i made an offer and i got it for 185 euro..It plays brilliantly..Very neck heavy tho
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If you've adjusted the action on the Fender as much as you can and still can't get a decent string height without fret buzz, it's possible the neck needs to be adjusted.

Good information on how to do that can be found here:


Keep in mind that you want to make very small adjustments at a time, and also that the wood can take as much as a couple days to settle. Otherwise, it's not a very hard procedure to do.

If you still have any questions, repost or send me a message and I'll help you as best I can.

Edit: On the Fender, the string action is adjusted by those screws you were messing around with earlier. Each saddle has two screws and you either turn them both clockwise (to raise action) or counterclockwise (to lower string action). You have to adjust each saddle for each string, and using both screws, make sure the saddle is level and not tilted to one side or the other.
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Thanks Hakael!!

I think the problem was the saddles werent balanced so i balanced them and its much nicer!
There both supe guitars!!
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