hey guys,

so i want to learn a new instrument, get good enough at it and start a punk/ ska band (in newcastle by the way!), anyways im already playing guitar...

anyways i cant decide between bass and drums, to be honest i am very tempted to get a drum kit (i can get one for under £200), but i am still thinking about the bass too.

any thoughts on what you think would be best?
Well you'd obviously already have an advantage with the bass because you play guitar.

Drums are also cool though, but will take a lot more practice and the cost and storage/where to put them
Saxophone, you'd be surprised the majestic music one of those can push out.
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the drums is over 9000 times more fun than the bass. you know what to do.
yeah theres the storage problem plus the fact that bass is uber-cool.

if i were you id go for the bass
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Drums, you can start a band with just drums and guitar. Bass is helpful but it's kinda just an add on.

in a punk ska band, bass is a necessity.
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I don't think you'll get much of a drumkit for under 200, but if you do...then its not too much money spent if you end up not liking it...personally I really want to try saxophone...I think they're pretty expensive though...and my parents wouldn't pay for lessons since I already play guitar and piano and take lessons for both...oh well....choose wisely
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If you want a ska band get a trumpet!


And whereabouts in Newcastle? (am a fellow geordie)
yea thats true.

but i have the room for the storage of the drums, so that isnt really a problem.. but yes they do cost alot.

hmm this is the drum kit i was thinking of getting for now (when i start uni, ill move out and get a better one, if i feel i need to move up!) http://www.gear4music.com/Drums/Drum_Kits/Full_Size_Starter_Drum_Kit_by_G4M_REDsefv_7.html

and this is the bass i was looking at http://www.lifeismusic.co.uk/guitar/Ibanez-BTB200-Electric-Bass-Gu-3737.aspx
For one thing, punk and Ska are nothing alike (ok, they are somewhat alike, but that's not the point) Also, Ska bass is fucking intense, while punk bass is usually uber simple.

I'd say go for the bass though.
ah explosion of posts, righty!

yea i would love to play trumpet or saxophone, but with me starting uni soon i dont want to be spending time and money taking lessons to learn them.

lucy: the gateshead side of newcastle >.< hehe, but hey! ill be moving there soon XD
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mandolin :P or harmonica

im trying to learn the harmonica...ukulele? banjo? tuba? trumpet? sax?

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