I refinished a Squier Strat recently. I'm specialty in wood and painting but wiring I am clueless. Is it possible for me to get a pickguard with only one slot at the bridge for a humbucker, and install that onto the strat? I have no clue how to wire a guitar. Any help appreciated.

And if that couldn't work, a pre-wired pickguard, but for a Squier strat.
http://store.guitarfetish.com/hueqhssblpra.html Would that fit my Squier strat? My strat is S/S/S
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Quote by pepsi1187
pickguards dont use wires

no i meant a pickguard that has the knobs and pickups and everything pre-wired.
pickguards dont use wires

no i think he is refering to a complete pickgaurd assembly.

TonyCork -- I have not seen a single humbucker assemply. I can tell you this, wiring isn't really that bad and you can find many resources on how to wire a single humbucker.
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Havent seen a prewired single humbucker pickguard. But the individual parts are easy enough to find and assemble. But beware as its a squire fender parts not always fit without being modded. Squire is metric fender is imperial so the measurements dont always line up.