It seems to me that all the little kids in the younger years have become assholes:P

and i just cant remember being like that

how about everyone else?
do they think younger kids have become to much like idiots?
Actually, I've changed a lot over time. If I met me 3 years ago, I reckon I'd want to punch him in the face.
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you probably were like that but you didnt notice it. its like how adults think teenagers are really rude and then when theyre adults they think the next generation is ruder
its part of getting older, the young become scary with all their rock r roll music and their disco parties......

hell yea i get annoyed by little kids
Like my Science teacher once said (who is a very smart guy, I look up to him in a lot of ways), "I'm going to waste my time getting angry or hating kids, I have more important things to do."

So think about it, are you using your minutes wisely by complaining about little kids?
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That is priceless man, you might be my new idol.

TS, whenever I see your username, I misread it as "isuckhardcocks."

Just had to get that out there.

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I remember the days when if you punched a kid in the older years you'd get a punch to the jaw

Now if a kid punches you in the face and you retaliate you get a child abuse warning
Younger kids are retarted. You cant go to the movies with out them talking durning it and ruining the movie.
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Actually, I've changed a lot over time. If I met me 3 years ago, I reckon I'd want to punch him in the face.

Yeah they do seem like a bunch of snobs nowadays. When I was that small and insignificant I was always intimidated by the older guys, what happened?
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Once, my little (and frankly, extremely annoying) cousin was coming over. So I devised a plan. I hid under some blankets and when he came in, he removed to discover. So, being the smartass I am, I put some pillows under said blankets and left to piss. Apparently, when he removed the covers he had the face and just walked away.

I love being a dick.
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I'm sure that when you were their age older people thought your generation were dicks too.

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Kids....until they can hold an intelligent conversations, **** em
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clicked X.

force of habit

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There is only one solution. We need to bomb outer space. That should show those terrorist bastards who's who
*sees ihatechildren's username*

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I would've kicked my own ass if I met me three years ago.

It does seem to be a problem... most of the kids in 9th grade this year seem to think they're hot shit. Apparently metal has turned into the thing to listen to which caught me off guard. I go to one of the preppiest schools in Western Canada and even the 9th graders run around wearing Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse shirts.
I agree man, and i dont think it has to do with us just being olde,r they are cocky bastards.
I think there is a declining amount of people that respect authority, that may have to do with it.
yes kids these days have no respect...when I was small I would have **** my pants if someone much taller and stronger than myself was pissed off at me
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yes kids these days have no respect...when I was small I would have **** my pants if someone much taller and stronger than myself was pissed off at me

You were just a pussy. No reflection on society there.
What amuses me is how people have been saying kids are little bastards for about 2000 years, and now here I am agreeing with the people who say it.

I'm getting too old.
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i cant stand little children. complete pain in the arse. but i have to agree. if i met myself like 5 yrs ago i probably woulda hit myself. but it doesnt change the fact i hate children. im determined not to have any kids
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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