Roadhouse Music is pretty much my name for me, musically. My friends call me Roadhouse, and that's how it all started. That explains almost everything, right there.

My music doesn't have lyrics, because it's all instrumental, and/or electronic. And I can't sing anyway. My stuff is metal, techno/electronic, rock, blues, and whatever else you want to call it. I'm working on enough material for a possible album produced by myself. I probably won't sell it or anything. Just have it so I can give it to friends and as possible audition material or whatever. My album, MMVIII-- formerly known as MMVII-- is all on UG.

I like to make electronic music, and I use FL Studio. It's a great program, and I can see myself as a possible DJ or whatever. I'm into more rock-techno stuff, not hardcore trance techno. I don't really care for that stuff.

Just click on my profile to listen to my music, because that's pretty much all my music. I have a few covers. You could visit my MySpace profile at this link if you want, and please leave comments or whatever. Comments are appreciated, and I will gladly listen to anybody else's music and give my own feedback.

Also, I have a YouTube account, if you want to see some video...

Have a great day!
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