simple question im lookin at buying a gutiar and it comes with emg HZ pickups. since emg is known for there active not passive are these pickups any good? whats the sound quality like? basically are they good or bad. thats all i want to know. thanks
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I've got some in my Les Paul Zakk Wylde Sig and they sound great. A lot of people will tell you they suck though but im guessing thats just cause theyre used to EMGs with even more output.

I dunno... Theyre good enough for me lol.

EDIT: And what he said, try them out. And I'm no pickup expert so I can't go into very deep detail.
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well, i i tried them once...not for long and i can say they sounded great with overdrive...but reaally realy bad with cleans...

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No. EMG + passive = suck. I would change the pickups ASAP.
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try the jackson dxmg, it comes w/ emg hz pups. the body of the guitat is bass wood but it still rocks in overdrive.
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No. EMG + passive = suck. I would change the pickups ASAP.

its your opinion, but oyu are defintly a minority

the passives are decent pickups. if oyu are playing through an ss amp they will sound great. through a tube amp, the actives will be better, but its not likepassives will sound like **** either.
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The passives are hardly horrible, but they're mediocre at best.
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