I keep seeing things saying Scott Weiland has split from VR but then I see things saying Slash denies VR split so now I'm confused. Help!!
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scott got fired, vr are still together, but just slash, duff, matt and dave, theyre doing auditions for a new singer at the minute i think.
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Yeah, they're holding auditions (Even online I think). Although I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they were possibly bringing in Sebastian Bach. If you want my opinion I don't think this will go down so well.
What slash is saying is VR isn't splitting they are just getting a new singer so technically VR isn't splitting just searching for a singer thats not an egotistacle arsehole.
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Weiland split, but VR did not.
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Ah well i never liked Scott anyway.
GnR Rocks Slash Is The Shiznit, Anyone Who Disagrees Is Mentally Hilarious.
from what i hear, it basically what everyone above me said...scott is back with STP doing a reunion tour.
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I hope they don't go for some re-hashed hair metal frontman like Bach.

To be fair, I'd rather see a STP reunion anyways.
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I think it would be awesome if they got Chris Cornell as there new singer ( I don`t think hes doing much apart from his solo albums ), it would give a new vibe to the group.
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