well thats basically it >.<
ive been playin for a little over an year and my fingers are still skinning. and that can be quite a pain the neck cus ive bled a couple times now <.< and it doesnt feel good

if some experienced player could answer me i would appreciate it

btw i play 5~ hours per day

well yeah but then it starts over

and then you think your good for a couple of months

and then it happens again
Well, I've been playing for 5 and a half years now. My fingers still skin a little tiny bit every now and then, but it can also be because I have a nail-biting habit.

I don't bleed anymore like I used to the first year and it's only painful after long periods of playing, but it's not so severe.
Depends on how much you play and how fast you play I guess. But no not really. Though callouses will build up, they will be torn by the strings cutting against them.
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mine did for about the first 8 months... i would also play a lot. just make sure to not get your fingertips wet when showering. you should also try to take a break for a few days to let your fingers heal up. try doing that afew times and everything should be good.
i've never bled, and most of my playing is done on acoustic, but it might just be that you have thin skin?

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Its probably different for everyone, but I only skinned for a few months and I never bled.(although that could be bass strings more wear your fingers than cut into them) I did have some blisters though. So yeah, different for everyone.
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Never shower --> play guitar. Bends are killer. I would know.
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ive played for bout 6 years and i didn't last long maybe couple months and never happened again and the only thing i do is play the guitar non stop
no i constantly rip them open.
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I've been playing for 3 and half years now and i've never bled. for first it hurt a bit but never bled! But my brothers fingers use to bled,so i would go for that you've just a thin skin