It's the amp that I have and I've been looking on the internet to see an approximate value of it, but it's nowhere to be found.
I know it's not worth much, seeing as how it's been used thoroughly (nothing wrong with it, no scratches or anything and it still works exactly how it's supposed to)
Well, it's a Peavey, it has 2 input jacks, 2 main knobs (Pre and Post) and 3 other knobs (Low, Mid, High). It's 50 Watts...

Some other specifications:
10 W RMS

120 VAC
60 Hz

includes: 12V DC IN and Preamp OUT on the back

Made In USA
It's actually a 10 watt amp. It's probably not worth much, since I found an Ebay listing that was Buy It Now for 50 dollars.

Edit: Actually, the listing said 15 watts output, so I'm not 100% sure about it. Nevertheless, it's not 50 watts. The 50 watts is probably the input power, which is always a lot more than the actual output power. Harmony-Central reviews say 10 watts. Nevertheless, it's a basic practice amp, not too good.
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