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Well, there's a "What was your first concert?" Thread, so why not one asking where you're going next xD

For me, I'm going to see MSI in June or July, heh. Not a huge fan, but I like the theater, it was 20 bucks, and Pussy all Night is a great song.

Also, I'm going to Warped Tour in August
I'm going to see the Foo Fighters in july with some friends
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Have got the 3volution thing on the Quayside (newcastle) on 26th May, then going to see Beck in July in Manchester
im gonna see MSI in like, two weeks. . . dont know about the mayhem tour yet, im digging the new disturbed single but slipknot nots gonna have to come out full force to get me to pay the prices theyre asking for.
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I still need tix to Radiohead, Steely Dan, Pearl Jam, and maybe Foo Fighters ( I saw them this Feb. and I would love to see them again)

LUCKY!!! Black Crowes in July and Buckethead in June!
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Local Hardcore concert for my graduation party on may 17th
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Motley Crue in august
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hopefully, Def Leppard with Whitesnake sometime over the summer. THAT or Lollapalooza in Chicago. RATM are supposedly playing there.
styx on the 23rd. i'm hoping to see a project revolution show this summer with linkin park, chris cornell, hawthorne heights, atreyu, and some others.
tonight im going to see arsis, black dahlia murder, and by the sins fell angels
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I'll be spending an evening with Yes on Aug. 19
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I'm going to see Satch in 16 days!
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I'm flying up to New York to see progressive nation on May 21st then, coming back to Houston on the 22nd to see Iron Maiden
Opeth/Dreamtheater this coming week. Rush and Coheed and Cambria in the next month.
I'm going to see Dinosaur Jr. in 10 days. I have an a-level exam the next day... but it's dinosaur. jr!
Progressive Nation.

May 28.

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Yeah i'm going to Kanye on may 20th other then that dunno I might go to the Heavy MTL festival in June (Maiden, Mastodon, The Crue, Symph X etc...) and the Summer Slaughter show in August. I'd like to go to CSN and Steely Dan but i'm out of town for both of those concerts
Seeing Serj Tankinianinan in August
Hopefully Reading
and Motorhead in November
and Summer Sundae in leicester
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R.E.M august 30th at Twickenham stadium
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Radiohead, 10 june in Paris. Can it get any better?
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