Only the first verse and chorus but we'll see what happens...

She says. She don't.
Have time. Time to.
See me. Know me.
Any time would do.
Just five. Or 10.
I won't talk I'll just tune in
to the sounds that make you tick.
I know this town just makes you sick.
(But) we could leave this place tonight.
See the people on our plight.
Safe from all the stupid things
while we dance on saturns rings.
(But) it's not fair how people are.
I know you won't stray very far.
You'll just stay here til' you die.
My train is leaving you tonight.

Cause there's a better place to go.
There's a warmer place to stay.
I'd show you if you had the time.
You wouldn't have to bring a thing.
And we could just get a boat.
Drink cold ones off the bay.
The rain will surely pass us by.
Orange blossoms all the way.