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I would just lie to know the different types of music people listen to so tell me your all time favorite band.

Mine is - Bullet For My Valentine
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I like such a huge range of bands and would be impossible for me to name a single artist/band.


Agreed. (about the top part.) It depends on my mood, whether I wanna listen to spit-in-the-face angry music, soft emotional (but not emo) songs, or upbeat life-rocks music.
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mine is probably Venom or Testament at the moment
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I have to say its a time between gnr, pantera, and lamb of god
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As I Lay Dying.
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atm The Hives

in general Guns N Roses or AC/DC or Motey Crue
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Probably Switchfoot but I'm really getting into Supergrass atm
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
Im just waiting for summertime to kick around so i can whack on some Down, Corrosion of Conformity, BLS. Its all about the mood

Prob my favourite band would be 36 Crazyfists, just for the awesome live shows and the memories of the times i've had with one of their albums on
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At the moment, it's Between the Buried and Me.
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Metallica... they got me into metal and hard rock and I never get tired of them
at the moment, Tool and Between the Buried and Me are top of the list
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the mars volta
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it's pretty close between searchbar and searchbar lol
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It's a tie between Coheed and Cambria, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, and Between the Buried and Me.
thats a hard question, ida say between Tool,Rush or children of bodem
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

My favourite bands of all time are:

Bullet for my valentine
In flames
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Been listening to The Offspring a lot lately, one of my fav bands ever.
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Did you really need to make this thread just to advertise what ****ty third rate band you listen to?
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probably Fall Out Boy


even better

Green Day

i tihnk i dided a little on the inside.....
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As I Lay Dying.

+1 on as i lay dying dude i almost put them but ive known BFMV longer so i picked them
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