So, here is the awesome, amazing, and envious JS100!

has anyone seen a blue JS100?

here's the specs:

Neck:JS neck
Neck Type: JS
Body:Basswood body
Frets: Medium frets
Inlay:Pearl Dot
Bridge: Edge III bridge
NeckPU: IBZ AH1 neck pu
BridgePU:IBZ AH2 bridge pu

rate it?

it has about a 4.5 step dive range, and a 2.5 step pull-up range.
there is about a .25 centimeter gap between the neck and the low E on the 22nd fret.
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looks like a pretty cool guitar to me man but i'm more of a B.C Rich and Schector fan but nice guitar man

Never heard of a Schector. Are they good? I like Schecters. They're pretty nice, you should check them out.

Nice axe TS. I'm digging the blue.
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Looks nice, get the trem professionally set up and your set, also what's that second pic, is it the neck?

Shredededededit: in b4 Edge III bashing