I bought this amp about 7 months ago (October '07) but I've barely used it. I'm at university and since next year I'll be moving back into on-campus accomodation, this baby aint going to come with.

I bought it at soundcontrol in Birmingham for £200. It's a class A tube (but the salesman said it's class A/B) amp, very good anything from alt-rock to blues. I use it with my Epi LP Custom and it can push out anything from Led Zep to Incubus to even Chuck Berry.

Here's a description.. 'The Grainger Valve Fifteen guitar amp features 16 studio quality DSP effects like delay, chorus, flanger and more. There's a separate DSP reverb with level control. Gain, bass, mid, and treble controls let you hone the perfect sound. The Grainger Valve Fifteen has a custom 12" speaker for stellar tone.'

The only time it's been moved was from the store into my room so it's in perfect shape. No bumps, no bruises, all the knobs work and it sounds like it was when I first played it in the store. I haven't been able to play it that much (uni work) and next year, I'm going with the acoustic instead of the electric hence no need for this amp anymore.

Since it's only 7 months old, I'm looking for about £100. However, this is negotiable. If you're up for a trade, I'm looking specifically for pedals (Chorus, Flanger and a Tube Screamer would be preferable). But I'm up for anything really, just cannot afford to keep this anymore even though I love it.

It's a perfect amp for intermediates and/or beginners looking for their first tube amp, and for better players, it's a nifty amp to have for home practicing; sounds good at low levels.

PM if you're interested

Btw, I'm near Birmingham (UK). Thanks.
I have one and if it is mint then this is a great buy everyone and the valves are class A, I have had it apart and everything is as said all slovek and electro harmonix valves class.
Are you willing to post it or is it pickup only?

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