is this stuff here all i need to reocord with


a 4 or 5 drum mic set

to have a microphone for each amp and singers mic

i have downloaded audacity can i use that to record
so is that all or do ineed more can i plug the presonus thing into a computer.
Basically, yes, that's all you need. If you want to record more than one input simultaneously though, you'll be wanting better software. I suggest Reaper, cheap/free download if you don't want to purchase a licence. The licence is cheap though.
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...Well thats only an interface...and a good one at that.

You'll need some software to track your songs with, Reaper is free and works well but theres other ones you can pay for if you want more features.

You'll also need mics and cables, these can easily add to the total cost.

Finally you'll want a computer to run all this with. Your PC better have fair specs, a slow computer will cause trouble.

I suggest tracking each instrument one at a time, this will cause less bleed to the other mics which would easily happen in a room with a drum set playing... This will also give you more inputs for things like drums. You could mic a drum set with 8 mics and get a nice mix on that. Then record a bass followed by guitar... Doing it this way really keeps the tracks clean and allows you to mix easier.

Speaking of mixing. You may want to get a set of desktop monitors for the guy sitting at the computer tracking this all. You will also want some headphones for the guys on the instruments so they can hear what they are playing...
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so lets say first of all i mic up the bass amp and we play the song and i record it
then the guitar drums vocals etc etc then can i just lay them over each other ive got audicity and reaper downloaded not sure ho to use them yet but ill work it out
is that basically it im not looking for anything special like just some imple recording
Audacity is the simple one but I prefer Reaper since you can really do a lot more with it and multi track with it.

Theres the help manual with reaper as well as the message board.

You should be able to set each input to its own track in reaper and record 8 tracks at one time. This will allow you to layer.
thanks i think i understand it once i get all the stuff ill be back with more questions
There are some really good cheap software out there too. I use Cakewalk Music Creator. It's a $40 download from their website. Worth every penny in my opinion.

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