Hey everyone i recently bought a new guitar btu i have a problem

on the first string,second fret it makes a klangy noise, and seems to interupt the note,making it very hard to play becasue it becomes unclean

i have tested every other note on the guitar and they all work fine it is just 1st string fret 2

what can i do any help greatly appreciated

thanks a lot

my friends guitar does that to i tinhk on the 2 string like somwhere between 6-12 im not sure wichich somwhere int here

EDIT 5th string
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is it a buzzy sound? if so, you may wanna raise the action a bit. the string touches another fret now and this causes it to make the noise and interupt the note.

if you raise the action this problem may be solved, hope it helps.
raise your action, do your intonation

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yes it is like a buzzy sound

sorry to be a goon lol but i dont understand what you mean by raise the action?

Simple - either pull very slightly the second fret wire upwards with something sharp only at the first string... but I don't recommend it. the other option is to use pliers to skin very very very slightly the third fret. chech the string buzzing every few moves. you shouldn't have any problems with that.

be carefell because it can make you THIRD fret buzzing
Is it brand new?
If it's brand new, you'll frequently have a problem like this when you get it.

Raising your action will most likely solve the problem

Raising the action is when you raise the bridge slightly. But you have to be careful, so you don't make it too high, or else it'll be too hard to play.
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no its not brand new, looks good condition though, could someone just confirum, i have the buzzing on the second fret, which metal fret do i shave,sorry im so stupid but i dont want to ruin the guitar

I really suggest you NOT do this on your own. If it's only the second fret on the first string, it definitely sounds like an uneven fret. But frets are VERY tricky...screw one up, and you've messed up the whole thing. You don't just shave one without it affecting the other ones around it.

Honestly, take it to a good repairman...he can either set the fret back in or you can have all the frets leveled and crowned, which is a better option in the long run. Most companies don't do this at the factory, and I can tell you from experience once you have it done, it'll play like never before. My tech does it and I've seen him turn what people call "crappy guitars" into real dreams to play. I've had all my guitars leveled and crowned, including my '87 Ibanez 540r & my '87 Charvel Model 4. It's turned already great guitars into masterpieces.

If you can't find a person to do it, just do what everyone else said...raise the string until the buzzing quits.
Dont do it yourself, if you dont know what "action" is, you really shouldnt be messing with your guitar, take it into your local shop and ask them to do a set up on it for you
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