What is a good amp for under $400 that would work well with active pickups (most likely EMGs)

From everything I have read it seems like EMGs don't work well with solid state amps and I'm planning on just screwing around with two friends of mine who play the guitar/bass.
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Do you plan to play gigs and such? Do you need effects? Cant really tell from your post if you do or dont want solidstate.
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No. Just no. I'd really go with a Roland Cube 30x for just bedroom practice or the 60x which is I think $110 more at 340 ish.
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I'd say that the Roland Cube is something to consider if you don't have pedals.
If you dont need tons of volume id say the Royal 8 if its just for messing around with another guitrist and bassist. It should suffice unless you add a drummer.
roland cubes are a solid choice

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i used to not like them cause i have a crap sound but im pretty sure that its my multi fx pedal
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if you have pedals you want to use, like an OD or delay and such, get a Peavey Valveking. if not then get a cube either a 30x or a 60, i would prefer the 60 though, especially if you're playing with other people.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
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Get the Peavey ValveKing 112.

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I actually really like my valveking now... I was hating it before because i didnt know the tubes were blown but now with the tube change i was able to get a really nice metal tone out of it pretty easy. And its a metal tone i truly like. I was even thinking about selling it at one point but no way in hell im going to sell it now.
Peavey Valvking 112 I bought mine today and it was really easy to get a decent metal tone out of it. Can't wait for my new speakers and tubes to come.