I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it as necessary...

I have a Yamaha CG-171SF Flamenco nylon string guitar that I am pretty much in love with, and I would like to put electronics in it so I can use it for life shows. I have never done any major mods on any of my guitars, so it would probably be wise of me to get a professional to do the dirty work. I was wondering what kind of electronics I should look for (if it has any bearing, I play acoustic rock, which is kind of odd for a flamenco guitar), and just any basic tips on having them installed, such as personal experiences and junk. Also I am on a budget of 150 for this...

Any advice, help, link, or whatever will be appreciated!

I wont post any links since I am no expert, but a quick google search of "classical guitar pickups" came up with many different products all suitable. You'll be looking at a piezo transducer mostly. There seemed to be a fair few Fishman ones so maybe have a look?
with 150 dollars you could probably go into a local music store and buy a soundhole pickup, and have them install it with an endpin jack for a little bit more. if you feel adventurous, check out the piezo thread, it's really easy to make a piezo pickup for like $3, plus another $10 if you you want to make (or have it made for you) an active preamp that someone posted.