I'm really trying to emulate a jazz sound. I play a firebird through a laney 30watt tube amp. i have a multi-effects pedal, what should i put on to get a nice jazz sound?
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Tbh, all you really need is neck pickup with the tone rolled down, with an immaculately clean tone, no effects.
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yeah, jazz isn't really known for effects. Reverb, chorus, maybe delay. In other words, nothing that will change your tone
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jazz is more about the guitar, the pickup and the amp. the slightest bit of reverb, chorus, overdrive is optional. overdrive should dirty the signal though, it should just kinda push it into sustain really. you already have a good tube amp, just push the tube amp's volume until just before it starts distorting, play the guitar through pickups around the neck(or in between neck and bridge) then add very little bits the effects listed above in different combinations til you get tone you like.