I'm trying to learn this playing style. But I have no idea about any efficient way of training it. I've been training with metronome (+5 bpm every time I was able to play the lick) but it seems no to give a lot of result.
How should I train it? Any 1 has a good tab or instruction for exercises?
What's the most efficient way of training it?

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Just practice it man.

Make sure you've got the proper technique to. Cause that ****s up a lot of people.

Also this would be better of in Advanced Techniques.
Yea I'm actually asking about the technique, what it should be?
If mod could move it. I would be glad.
Poor polish guitar player.
Look up some Frank Gambale vids. In fact he releases a tuition tape a while ago, which is supposedly very good.
i wouldnt say this is a basic technique i think you would get better responses in the advanced techniques forum. my advice practice small sweeps first like 3 strings do not jump into 6 string sweeps straight away and if you have a teacher or anyone you know who can sweep ask them to show you how to do it.
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Nearly all of the sweep lessons have riffs where no two fingers lie on the same fret. How would you sweep a riff like this? Or a major arpeggio like A?


Do you use one finger and barre the fret? My fingers are simply too big to fit cleanly on both strings at the same time.