Currently I have a Laney VC15 but I can't seem to get a Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves/+44 tone out of it. I'm just playing it dry with no effects and I don't really know how to EQ so it sounds good for that style of music.


1) Can I get that tone out of my amp or do I need to sell it and buy a new one?
2) Which effects would be useful? I was thinking of getting the Visual Sounds H2O chorus/delay pedal. (I only have a Behringer Ultra Distortion and Hellbabe neither of which I use for playing this style)
3) What setting should I have it all at? (Treble, Mid, Bass, Drive, Drive Vol, Clean Vol, Reverb, Tone)
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you gotta kinda figure what you want to do with this amp first. a 15 watt tube amp can get pretty loud, so you can use this for a little more than just at-home practice. you should be able to get good tone out of this as well, it has el84's in the power section and those give a good sound around 6 or 7.

if you are having a hard time getting good tones outta this than i would suggest a pretty good distortion pedal, some people like the Rat proco, tubescreamers are also pretty popluar, the MXR pre amp pedal sounds pretty good for driving tubes, i own an adrock not so old yeller myself, and have had good experiances with sansamp. there is tons of boutique pedals as well and it is really up to your taste. i would recommend staying away from modeling pedals and boss distortion pedals though.

to experiment with your EQ i would recommend putting all the knobs on 5, then moving the mids knob til you get something you like, then tweek the highs and the lows to your preferences. stay away from your reverb if you trying to get a good rhythm tone, you'll learn where to include that latter on when you get more experiance with things(sounds good with some leads and certain rhythms but is not a major component of most people's standard rhythm tone)

the last thing to look into is switching tubes and getting an external cab. you 15 watt amp is class A/B, meaning you shouldn't just go willy-nilly replacing tubes, you would want a good amp guy to replace tubes. i personally like JJ's el84 tubes, they have awesome breakup, give you a good tone. as for extension cabinets, this is something that can really change your tone. from what i can tell, your amp has an 8 ohm impedence, i would recommend getting an 8 ohm, 2x12 extension cab from avatar(probably get a 12 inch v30 and a 12" G12H-30, they represent low end and mids very well). on the specs of your amp it says the internal speaker cuts out when you go external with it, thats fine, you'll want the tone of your new cab to come through. new cab runs around 400usd btw.

bottom line: your amp is a good tone machine and it has everything you'll need for a while, get a distortion pedal before considering other pedals, seriously consider the externsion cab

i personally run a 15 watt class A tube amp with a 2x12 extension cabinet and usually run a wah and a distortion pedal and that is all, get all kinds of tones outta it.