i found this old guitar at my dads house, easily from the 60s. it's sort of beat up but it still works and on the headstock it has the a brand named "Tulio" has anyone ever heard of this brand? i'm thinking its probolly one of those cheap no name guitars because i can not find any infomation about that brand. what do yal think?
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thats pretty epic.
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Are there 2 buttons on it?

Could be something like a phase switch?
Nice find! I've never heard anything about them though.
I don't care on the same as long as it sounds good im happy with it xD
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Are there 2 buttons on it?

On/off switches for both guitars.

It looks like one of those cheap '60s guitars. I'd keep it for the mojo.
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it sounds alright. the tone controls don't really work well and those two swtiches turn on/off the pick ups. i'm thinking about having it restored one day and chage out the hard ware and the pick ups
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On/off switches for both guitars.

It looks like one of those cheap '60s guitars. I'd keep it for the mojo.

do you mean pickups? that would be more accurate, and make a lot more sense
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do you mean pickups? that would be more accurate, and make a lot more sense

Ah yeah, that's what I meant.
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Looking at the choppy shape I'd say it's handmade by some mexican dude (no offence to any mexicans) but might be just a cheap oldschool axe.
My friend has one!
He plays in a sort of indie rock band with a Laney VC30 and it sounds great. Quite nice to play too.
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Jap import from the 60s, some people like em and think they are collectable these days. I would keep it and play it if i were you.
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I recently try researching this guitar since i had no luck at the time i made this thread but i found some new information about this guitar. as what RHCPfan01 said, it is a Japanese guitar from the 1960s. This guitar was made by a Japanese company called Teisco. They made guitars from 1940s to 1960s. They had several "American" brands and one of the brands was Tulio. After more searching, i happen to find another forum that had pictures of the same guitar is a better condition and i learn from the pictures the model number for this guitar is EJ-2. I figured I'll update you guys about this guitar.

Heres the wikipedia page for Teisco: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teisco

Heres the image that i copied off that fourm of the better condition guitar
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Wow it took over three years for the update.

Looks pretty interesting. Have you just left the guitar lying around or have you been doing modifications to it?
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haha....i completely forgot about this thread and i just never thought about researching this guitar again until as of late. It's mostly been just laying around. it's playable but few of the controls don't work. I don't think im going to add any mods to this guitar. I want to get it restored one day when i chance a chance
Yeah I wouldn't mod it either, just defeats the purpose and feel of having an authentic 60s guitar. How does it feel to play? I imagine it would probably be a bit gritty if it hasn't had much use.
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It is a Harmony/Teisco generic model. From Wiki:

"Teisco guitars sold in the United States were badged "Teisco Del Rey" beginning in 1964. Teisco guitars were also imported in the U.S. under several brand names including Silvertone, Kent, Beltone, Duke, Heit Deluxe, Jedson, Kimberly, Kingston, Lyle, Norma, Tulio and World Teisco. Likewise, they were imported in the U.K under such labels as Arbiter, Audition, Kay and Top Twenty. While guitars manufactured by Teisco were ubiquitous in their day, they are now very collectable. In fact, highly sought after models are now being reproduced."

It clearly has a lot of Harmony in it; particularly the headstock. Maybe Jack White will buy it from you to go with his "Res-O-Glass" Airline?
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it's a teisco, they're really badass guitars. tulio is just one of their sub-brands, sort of like Charvel is to Jackson
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Fix it and then keep it. Looks nice though.
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Sweet guitar, man. I'm really digging those pickups with their little designs on them!
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Has anyone ever heard of the guitar Favorite. I have looked everywhere online and can't find anything about it. I'm thinking of having it fixed up but I want to know if it is rare or something first cause I know that sometimes it isn't good to have thing refurbrished depending what they are. Anyone that can let me know will be a huge help thank you.
I thought Teisco or Jay.
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