Does anyone know a good song, preferably metal, metalcore, hardcore or classic rock, with any easy rhythm part and hard lead? It's because though I'm pretty good at guitar, my friend doesn't practice and therefore sucks. He's comin up tonight and wants us to learn a song. I want to stick him on rhythm, something very basic, so no fast picking, galloping, slides, etc. Just power chords and easy palm muting at most. I, however, am looking for something with maybe tapping, advanced alternate picking, lots of hammering and pulling, bends, etc. TIA
See You in Hell by Grim Reaper. Great song, easy but awesome riffs.

The main riff is played under the solo, which is how I play it cause I can't play the solo yet.

There's 2 versions on the site. The fills and solo are on the Guitar Pro, but I don't think the outro is correct.
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