Me and some friends have recently started a band and are looking for some songs that we can learn to play together. We have two guitarists (ryhthm and lead) a decent drummer and a bassist (me). We would like to play: rock/alternative/classic rock/hard rock/blues and some acoustic stuff. We have learnt one song together which was "Zephyr Song" by the Red hot chili peppers (a great song for a new band to learn btw). We would like some suggestions on good songs to learn for a new band (please nothing too advanced).

Thanks in advance.
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my band plays the same stuff as you guys, learn welcome to the jungle thats really fun as a band, also fall to pieces by velvet revolver, oh ya and rolling stones jumping jack flash
You should probably go with some Zeppelin obviously if your band is good enough, but don't strain them. Just get some Cream.
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yes. wolfmother is easy to play and fun to jam on
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