I bought The Orange Box today after a couple weeks of giggly excitement. I made a Steam account, and after I entered the CD Key, the games (all of them) started to download from Steam. Downloading these games is going to take several hours, and I have the CDs. Why did it not ask me to use them to install the games? Did I mess something up?
I ran into this problem as well when I installed HL2 on my new laptop.

Sweeping is for n00bs. I've moved on to vacuuming. Eventually I'll even try steam cleaning.

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No, you didn't do anything wrong. You do this with every game that requires Steam.
you didn't to anything wrong until you came and asked a guitar forum your computer questions

but seriously that's what steam does, you can't stop it (at least i don't think you can)
you have to do that with all steam games, but now I'm pretty sure you'll be able to play the games without the cds.
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for some reason, i was thinking "Orange Box" was a type of new amp...
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