I'm wondering who, or what inspired you to play guitar.
For some of you it may be Jimi Hendrix. Going through your parents old tapes, then came across Woodstock and was electrified by his performance.

For other people it may be that kid down the street just jamming in his room, playing smoke on the water over and over again (not that there's anything wrong with that).

For me it was actually my friend, who played Blink 182 (was into them at the time) stuff over and over again. I eventually started learning basics chords, and finally went into "UG" for tabs. But since then he stopped playing

So pit, who has inspired you to become the guitar player you are?
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watching my mate james at school inspired me to take up the guitar.
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when i saw the video for siva by the pumpkins. i thought bc was the most powerful guitar player in the world.
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I was getting into progressively harder rock, starting off at stuff like Green Day, then moving on to Nirvana, Autopilot Off, Element Eighty and some other stuff. I had seen the name Metallica floating around quite a bit on the internet, particularly Mp3 scripts on IRC.
I expected them to be some really over the top death-metal band, so I downloaded one of their songs (Yes, p2p. Up yours Lars.) for a laugh.
Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised. I listened to Enter Sandman 40 times in one day and that inspired me to pick up the guitar,
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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dragonball z and a friend who was into rap.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Angus Young inspired me to pick it up, Hammett inspired me to play. SRV inspired me to write my own stuff.
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Simple story, told it dozens of times.

I went with my mom to one of her friend's house. When we got there, he was drunk as a dog, sitting on the couch, playing an acoustic guitar and singing. He taught me to play a D-chord. The rest is history.
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GnR got me into music, but listening to nick drake, phish, sunny day real estate and other stuff really got me into the potential of playing music any way i wanted
i enjoy head
My friend also led me to Metallica. I must've listened to "The Four Horsemen" over and over again. I am thankful he did. The lyrics were much more "real" then singing about meeting girls at rock shows.
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
Summer Camp, all the counsellers jamming out on their acoustics.
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vai and satch
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Adrian Smith, Ace Frehley(Who inspired Dimebag to play so burn) and K.K Downing.


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Mick Thompson actually even though i dont even know a whole slipknot song...
say what you want but slipknot will always have a place in my heart for making me want to pick up guitar
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Mick Thompson actually even though i dont even know a whole slipknot song...

It's alright, I only learned the intro to Hells Bells.
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not being aloud to play drums, getting a guitar instead

Why weren't you allowed to play drums
I would think the guitar is much more louder
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
My younger brother got an acoustic one day, and he wouldn't let me even try to play it, so I bought my own (cheapo encore acoustic off ebay for £5 ), went from there. It was basically a toy, at first.
i was lonely. i moved to a new town right before starting 8th grade and i saw 2 old guitars in my mom's closet. i didn't have any friends and nothing else to do
in all honesty greenday gave me the idea to play, but then i realized it was something that i could use to help me understand and shape my identity, you see, at the time i got my first guitar, i was going through a massive identity crisis, my parents were getting devourced, my grandmother (who was basically a second mom) was on her death bed, and my only brother was ignoring me for a girl who he was dating (she broke up with him like a month before they planned to get married), so you see, it was under my own motivation to fit into something that inspired me to play.

now though, im inspired by everything, from a pretty girl, to a breathtaking song, to an empty desk, everything inspires me to play.
actually it was Slash...and Angus Young...
but when I started to play I realized that I'm not having fun playing their solos cuz I just can't get them to sound the same.
After some time of twisting my fingers on my guitar neck I started to listen to some punk rock...in the meantime I wasn't playing my guitar for about 3 weeks at all...
Then I came across Blink 182 for once again..and I checked some Youtube videos and I saw Tom having so much fun playing and telling jokes....and then I said to myself...hey...that guy is fun. I want to have so much fun too...and then I started to play punk rock...
4 months ago I've put together a band called Tight Noodles that plays punk rock...I've got new equipment...we're having so much fun at band practices you can't even imagine...I like punk rock cuz it's not serious...I still like hard rock tho. But...what's the point of playing guitar if theres no fun? Now I sound like I always wanted to sound, I have a band that I'm having a great time with, we're gonna have some pretty big gig for the first time...and a lot of people is coming to see us...I mean...when we didn't have this band...me and my bro were always arguing about something...but now we're like good friends...MUSIC SHOULD BE FUN! I hate people forcing their children to play classical just that they would be able to say ''hey...my kid plays piano/classical guitar...isn't he great?''...cmon..get real. he probably isn't...
that's enough...enough of bulls*** xD
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