don't even start with the hatred on this song because I know flaming's coming.. -.-

but anyways.. anyone know where I can get tabs to the version of this song that doesn't have the solo.. the not guitar hero version..?

this one:
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The original has different little fills and the bass line is played by the guitar here and there o.o

couldn't find the original version of the song tabs anywhere just the solo one..
I always thought that the song was different every time he played it.

It's not on any album so I don't think there's really an 'original' version of it. It's not a song I've listened to a lot though. I've never really looked for vids of it so for all I know I could be completely wrong.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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nah, there's 2 recorded versions of it.

the one on guitar hero with the solo after the 2 main intro riffs and then another one that is pretty repetitive and boring but it's different, after the intro has this bass line and some different guitar fills and stuff here and there which is the one I'm looking for.
Technically, the original version of Jordan is just the first 2 riffs seen in guitar hero with slight variations thrown in since it was live, transferring into the song Post Office Buddy, then back to those riffs.

The original has never been recorded on an album, only used live.
just listened to Post Office Buddy, doesn't sound like it at all.
I think you meant this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKe7oJZMVNQ&feature=related

but here's a recorded version of it even it hasn't been on an album.


which is what I wanted tabs for.
is rather simple but there's still guitar parts here and there
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that one has alot better quality though then the other live ones, sounds like it was more in a studio and whenever people refer to the Jordan before guitar hero I always see that one as the one mentioned.

but yuh