well, new dd-7 is coming out/is out/is getting sent to pre orders. don't know really which one it is, but either way, in 2 monthes time they'll be on the shelfs. evidently there are people out there that have been playing with them for a little while and i was hoping anyone with some experiance with the pedal can shed some light on how exactly all the options are available and how good the pedal sounds.

-first question is, whats up with the expression pedal in? i just see demos with the guys using a tap pedal in to help control tap tempos and the such, they completely ignore the expression pedal in the demos. they say you can control the 3 parameters, even say you can do it all at once?!? how do you switch what the exp pedal does, does it control all 3 parameters, can it control more than one parameter at once, and how smooth is the shifting on the pedal? the people demand answers(or at least i would like some).

-they claim panning effects and wet/dry output with the dual input/output 1/4 plugs, how do you switch between and what kinda stereo effects does the box offer? how do you switch between stereo and wet dry effects off the dual input/outputs?

-they say you have 40 seconds of hold time on the thing, does that mean you can loop 40 seconds of a track over and over? seems to good to be true really. to me it would seem like you might be able to loop about 6 or 7 seconds over and over and layer 40 seconds worth of sound on it. please tell me i am wrong

-lastly, and most obviously, how does it sound? are we talking pretty much dd6 sound quality, or is it better or worse? and does that analog delay actually sound good or is it crap, i want to know the same for the modulation delay(i expect the mod delay just does sound like crap)?

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I really did not know that. I would like some sort of indication as well. My early stereotypical view says that, looking at the consistent lack of quality Boss have put in their new releases over the past year, it will fall severely short of industry standard, yet people will stil buy it. I myself have the DD-3, which I want to switch for a T-Rex Replica.
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just buy a dd-20 i looked around for 2 weeks and picked one up for 95 second hand of ebay. And it works perfect, if you got a modulation you can easily get a good chorus sound. Along with violin. Definately dd-20, its almost a multieffect.
It's got modulation and analog options with the 40 seconds hold

The only boss pedal to impress me in recent memory is the space echo
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space echo had me interested as well, and i too am not to impressed by most of their pedals, but i would be hard pressed to trade in my dd6(although i could be convinced to get a supplementary dd7). i have looked into a dd20, and have almost bought one a couple of times. really, the big thing that has me floored is the expression pedal to control parameters, i was thinking about sending in my dd6 so analog man to get a mod that did something like that or thought of buying the horribly overpriced moog-107, but if there is a dd7 with voltage controls for parameters... it would have to sound good though

btw i am gonna look up that t-rex replica, never heard of that
The MXR Carbon Copy sounds a whole lot better
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ok, i'll bite the on the off the topic remarks. i am willing to believe the carbon copy sounds better, but what exactly makes it sound better, please back up opinions with some empirical proof.

i just bought a ibanez ad9 and i was not too overly impressed with it, i found the delay to soft in the background, and it didn't self oscillate. it did sound warm, but i also thought it sounded muddy and you could barely hear it when you were playing more complex riffs. all in all i thought the ad9 was a good echo pedal, but fell kinda short of being a solid delay pedal. if the carbon copy is any comparison to this i would just not be interested.

anyway, back onto the dd7, someone has got to know something...