So, today, i went into my music shop, and for the first time, they had 5 string basses on display. Now, i am generally against 5 string basses, because ive never really seen a band i like use them, but i thought 'meh, why not?'

So i really disliked the bass (Squier Jazz 5 string) but im very intruiged about the concept now, and i really want to get a 5 string.

So, I'd like for you oh so kind people () to reccomend me some good 5 strings for the 2 guidelines below:

I play alternative & occasionaly Classic rock
Price Of up to £350 ($600-700ish?)

Thanks In Advance Guys



Is that any good?
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I use an Ibanez SRX 305 if I need low B or am playing metal and need the low tuning, its in the same price range, two exposed pole p/ups and the ibanez characteristic fast neck, with modern double humbucker sound. Worth a look.
Epiphone generally go not have a good reputation at all.

You will not get a lot for £350. Squire an Ibanez are the biggest competators in that price range, so try some of those out.
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A while ago i went into a used music store and they had an epiphone EB3(?) 5 string on display, and it played great. now i play a lot of metal, so when i bought it it just didn't fit the style, but i can see that it would be a great rock bass, with a smooth tone and great feel. Used, (but in mint condition) it cost $250. i dont kno what that is in europe, but if it was only that, im sure it wudnt cost very much new.
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i'm prolly alone in suggesting it, but a BC Rich 5 String Zombie. mine has served me well, although it is basically an exclusively metal bass.
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i got a warwick rockbass for around $400

its not as epic as the warwicks, but i love it.
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