as we all know I'm a beginner.
And well I've been teaching myself alot of solos.
Cause they're one plucked notes so it's a bit easier.
I've kindaa always avoided the strumming parts.
Cause some parts I did'nt get.

Now, first off I understand how read the tabulature. And where the fingers go and what not. The part I'm confused on is when you have a tab like thiss:
(i just made this up radomly)


How do you play all those notes; all 6 at once? that's impossible i thought.
I don't have that many fingers lol.
So could you explain; i've seen thiss on numerous tabs. And i got confused.

I'm also a bit confused, on bends, wtf is ghost notes? trills?

geeesh i'm sorry about all the questions.
And what do they mean strum it the shape of the notes.... its hard to explain like:


I assume your suppose to strum it in that shape on your guitar.
That right there is impossible... But when there is a barre chord, it is possible.


That can be played by barreing the fifth fret with your index finger. Basically use your Index to cover all the strings at once. Make sense?

Bends are when you bend the string to increase the pitch of a note.

Trills are basically hammer ons and pull offs done repeatably for a period of time.

E----2tr4 = E-----2h4p2h4 and so on.

Ghost notes are when you play a note earlier and you basically let the note play out. ( That might be wrong, but thats what I do.
Oh kay; i figured you used one finger, but wouldn't they be all 5's instead of the 6 and 7th frets in therre too?

See i understand your suppose to bend the string; but i never think i'm doing it right. Do you bend it upward or downward.
No.. all 5s would sound like crap.
you use one finger to cover every fret down then use your other fingers on other frets to make certain ones a different note then 5 so it'll form a chord.