alright so our rhythm guitarist told me to write a psychedelic song, i'm not too good with that, here's what I came up with.

This is the story about Bubbleman,
Far beyond the cloudy bright blue sky.
Sets out from his castle, his quest began.
To slay the mighty jabberwocky

Bubbleman flew above the murky seas,
Amidst the fierce north wind’s cold breeze,
And through Greenland’s frosty pine trees,
Until he reached the jabberwocky

Woah, mighty Bubbleman,
Won’t you kill this dragon,
With your long and shiny blade,
rip his ****ing **** off!

Bubbleman walked to jabberwocky’s cave,
And with his long and shiny blade,
He lunged into that dark, evil cave,
Then Bubbleman found a beautiful maid.

And she pulled his long, bubbly pants down,
And preformed amazing, nasty oral sex,
But Bubbleman was not fooled by this deceit.
And he lunged with his bubbly sword.

Woah, mighty Bubbleman,
Won’t you **** this hot *****?
With your long and wide blade,
Pleasure her all night!

Bubbleman dove left and right, swinging his blade,
And the smutty girl turned into the dragon.
Bubbleman screamed and tore his blade through her breast,
And with that final blow the jabberwocky died.

And Bubbleman proceeded to wipe his dirty blade,
Upon the jabberwocky’s ugly face.
But then the jabberwocky’s acidic blood,
burned his poor blade right off the hilt

guitar solo

and then bubbleman died.

i dont think i succeeded with the psychedelic thing, but i think its good for a couple of laughs.

EDIT: I just realized how all of it came off us a giant sexual innuendo, when only parts of it were supposed to be. whoops.
Definitely a fail in the psychedelic departement. You're thinking too hard about it. To write a psychedelic song you shouldn't think at all. Just let whatever screwed up thoughts are in your head come rushing out in one long strand. If they're too messed up even for your liking you can change them later. The problem with this particular song is that it follows a concrete story (and a goofy story at that). This is more like a childhood rhyme. Listen to Barrett-era Pink Floyd to get a good idea of psychedelia...or if thats not your flavour perhaps some Jefferson Airplane.
lol i love pink floyd and so does our rhythm guitarist, its just taht i have no practice at writing it lol. but still i like this, it made me lol.