I'm kinda hesitant to ask, seing as this has been brought up so many times before. But I have to for my own sake.

I know the pattern for the major scale, and am currently working on playing it, as well as the minor pentatonic. But for the minor pentatonic, I know 1 box (A minor pentatonic), but I don't know the notes yet. So my question is this, should I learn boxes in the beginning, or should I learn the patterns and figure out the notes, or should I wait with that until I become comfortable with some of the boxes? Since it's rewarding to play something that sounds nice from the beginning, instead of fumbling around the fretboard trying to locate the various notes in the scales.
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I'd suggest you to learn the theory first. That is knowing the formula of the minor pentatonic scale, so you know when you're playing in the key of A (lets take the one you know), you'd know the other 4 notes. Then, with those notes in mind, find the patterns. You'll practice neck theory and scale theory at the same time. Thats how I do.
I wouldn't get too wrapped up in memorizing notes. Spend time with the patterns and getting familiar with the relationship of the positions/intervals. Eventually the notes will come.