Ok well I might be looking into a guitar that will be a real long term investment. The price range would be around $2,000 give or take some. I want lots of versitily I'm looking for tones from David Gilmour to Steve Vai and some nice tight rythme sounds like Rise Against and Strung Out aswell as great cleans. I'm a Lefty so make sure its available both ways. I'll hopefully be getting a Pod X3 soon so I'll have the versitilty in my amp. I'd like a neck on the thinner side, preferable 24 frets if not still suggest it, I need great sustain aswell and definately nothing with a floyd rose. Any suggestions?
Carvin. Look at some of their models. They are really impressive.
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How about a PRS custom 24?

ESP standard series, RAN customs, and Ibanez Prestige are good.
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Hmm, if you can find it PRS Custom 24 = win.

If not, Carvin of some sort.
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I'd love a Prs Custom 24 but how would I go about finding a lefty. Should I just go up to Guitar Center and ask there? How much do they run?
the new american deluxe fenders are so devine, though i cant argue against the PRS or carvin. with $2000 you have the luxury of choice
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CT6M or CS6
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in terms of forever... you wanna get something with a timeless design, like a really nice strat/ tele, a PRS of sorts, or a Les Paul standard or classic or SG standard
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Carvin, Music Man, Jackson, Tom Anderson, Suhr (2nd hand, if you can find a lefty for 2000$. Maybe its a bit optimistic.), Zion, ...
They all make terrific guitars.
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definately the PRS everybodys suggesting.
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Maybe a luthier could build you EXACTLY THE GUITAR YOU WANT for that price... You'd surely keep something like that forever.

sounds about right to me.

i got quoted $3500 for a guitar that i wanted built but it had a huge inlay, and was made out of solid walnut burl.
w00 I win.

Yeah get a custom 24.
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Is it possible to haggle the price on PRS or are they set in stone like Mesa?
G&L all the way, man. A Comanche, a Legacy, maybe an S-500, something akin to that. G&L's are amazing.


And yes, they make left-handed models. It may involve some looking around, but they sure as hell make lefty guitars: my dad has a lefty G&L bass, which is why I recommend them to you. The build and sound quality is just amazing.
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Blade guitars maybe.
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im with all the prs people too
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get a custom built guitar toyour perfect specs
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