Hey, I have a 535q dunlop wah, and whenever i turn it on it would silence everything, wah pedal, amp, and other pedals, would it maybe be because of the setup order? I have it set up as, Tuner, Wah, Eq, Fuzz, Overdrive, Compression. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me with this, thanks in advance.
Hmm...well your compressor should be first (besides tuner), other than that your signal chain is pretty well correct..
Get your wah serviced at a local music store.

Although, you could open it up and make sure all the wires are soldered properly and there's no loose parts on the pcb or anything .
try making sure the right cables are plugged into the correct sides. Amplifier<----Instrument
and make sure the adaptor is pluged in good wiggle both ends and c if that works.
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