I just finished a cover of Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes." Check it out! C4C, it's on my profile, or the myspace in my sig.
Great job.

i'm actually preferring your version to Jack's, so yeah, great job

listening to Better Together at the mo, too, sounds good,

one thing: be confident, put more emotion in, and your voice will sound stronger.

But, good listening. i may add you on myspace once i make a band account.
it's great! good job. i tried to sing some jack johnson's songs but i think he has too deep voice for me
You missed some little tiny words singing the verses but it's no big deal. Haha. Good cover, guitar is solid, and so are the vocals. You sound a tad nasally though, good nonetheless. I like your voice. You should try and cover Monsoon by Jack Johnson, it's a bit higher than most of his music. Anyway overall good cover!

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Yeah man I digged it alot. You got a great feel with the guitar, and your vocal tone is amazing. I have no suggestions for your voice, you obviously practice with it alot and your guitar too. Its pretty easy to cover a JJ song, but its not so so easy to do it this good. Congrats 9/10.

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that was really cool, im digging your voice!.
but as someone already said, try to make it sounds stronger,
right now it is sounding as you would have recorded at night,
with your parents sleeping in the next room.
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