Hi, as the title says, looking for a decent 1x12 combo to run a multi fx modeller through.

The roland cube 60 i have may be a very decent practice amp but i have grown tired of the lack of control with the effects.

Something with a decent speaker would be ideal, i play a lot of punchy 80s to modern metal.

i cannot afford to buy something better than the cube 60 really. i have owned a couple of vox advt amps and a line 6 flextone III which was a really good amp but still needed a od and a compression pedal in front of it to get the best from it which defeatd the purpose of having it for me. i prefer one pedal to do everything right now for bedroom use simplicity.
why dont you just hang on to the cube and buy some pedals. the cube sounds pretty good but i have one and you cant really control the effects by any means. so yeah, id just go with sum pedals
vox 50watt Xl or advt
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if you are using an modeler and you already have an amp, then i would recommend changing the speaker in the amp, i found the celestion G12K series to be very receptive of modeling type effects, it gives good bottom end, and definitely handles whatever distortion you can throw at it. i see it also has an extension out for another cabinet, you might wanna think about getting a 1x12 or 2x12 combo from avatar to compliment what you already have.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville. You can run the modeller through the FX return and basically use the Fender as a power amp. They have lots of headroom.
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