I was just messing around with some riffs and i put them together, as you might be able to tell its not complete yet. I just want some criticism on it, is it good/bad or any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Of coarse its C4C
1 Bass song.zip
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First, thank you for the crit.

Anyways, I loved the high octave version of the riff on D-12-. I could really imagine, as a guitarist, of what to add over this for a more complete song.

The low octave D-0- was good in itself, but it seemed like an odd switch to go to that low of a measure. Also, parts of it seemed almost cut short, but not in the good way as the previous riff. Maybe letting some of those notes ring through as you're hitting the next note would help. At least for the lower riff.

Overall, it's nice and catchy, and I'm going to play with it a bit.