Okay, I'm looking for a good practice amp. Footswitch functionality would be nice, but is second to tone I'm looking for.

My budget is 200 USD max, but i can shell out an extra 20-30.

I'll be playing stuff like The Who, Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, The Beatles, Metallica, Ozzy, Bob Marley and Van Halen, so i'll be needing suggestions of amps that have a big tonal pallet.

I'll be using it mostly for practicing or jamming with friends. I want it to be able to keep up with drums or another guitarist, or a bassist maybe.

~Thanks in advance!
I say the Line 6 spider 3 practice amp, i have the 30 watt and it is great and has alot of affects so you can do guns n roses, metallica, great for ozzy songs, the who, zeppelin, etc. the bigger ones have more effects and tones, so thats what i would suggest.
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I heard some bad things about the spider at my store. Something bout sounding a certain way, but the guy told me while i was playing, so i wasn't really paying attention. I was looking at the Roland Cubes, 20X and up, or a valvetronix, but i've only looked at those two. Other Suggestions?