This is my first time buying new pickups and have noticed there are active and passive pickups?So what do these mean?
Active pickups use a preamp to boost the signal going to the amplifier. They also require batteries.
active also uses a power source for that preamp, while passive doesn't need the power source cuz there is no preamp. there is also some difference in the implementation of the pickup because of the use of a preamp or lack of preamp. passive pickups are just magnetic poll pieces wrapped with wire, don't totally know what is in an active pickup, but i do know actives are inherently less magnetic, so there is less magnetic drag on a vibrating string
An active magnetic pickup will nearly always start out very much like a passive magnetic, still wire wrapped on a bobbin with magnets in it charging the pole pieces. Some active mags have circuit boards built into the bottoms of them and some also have circuitry that get installed into the guitar's control cavity. Other active circuits for magnetic pickup are added to passive pickups that could be used with or without the active electronics.
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