Here's a rehashed song of mine. It's calmer. ..I've never known what to title it, which is a shame, because of my songs, this is definately one of my favorites. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.
I do like it. Its very calm and soothing and almost put me to sleep, in a good way of coarse.

But on the downside its a bit repetive and and the lead melody is sorta boring, but thats probibly what you are going for. Me being a bass player and all i would like to hear some bass put in there as well.

Crit for Crit?
Mine is Untitled Bass song.
It's very soothing. Not necessarily happy, but I really liked it. I can't imagine falling asleep to it. In my opinion there is a bit of, aggression or maybe even a darker undertone. I really did like it. Especially at the ninth measure, I believe, when the second guitar came in. I also think that the second solo ( I forget where it starts, around the 89th maybe ) really brings the whole song home. It repeats a bit but because of those two solos/ breakout things. the song stays far away from boring. It's a wonderful work. 9/10